What’s that smell?

What’s that smell, lavender, peppermint, or orange? Perhaps you have heard about people using essential oils in diffusers to make their room smell good or even using them on their skin. Well, did you know that essential oils can be beneficial and a form of therapy that is called aromatherapy? Each scent has its own benefits, for example, rosemary. Rosemary helps stimulate your brain and mental performance. Another common scent is peppermint; it can be used to relieve mental fatigue, makes you more aware, helps enhance your memory and helps you focus on what you are working on. Peppermint is one of the best ones to use during this time of the semester, whether you are studying for an exam or working on a research paper.

Do you ever have trouble going to sleep or relaxing? Well, lavender is one of the most common scents and some night lotions are scented to help you relax. Rest is one of the most important things in healthy living and also affects your concentration in your education. Another common scent people use is jasmine, as it helps fight away stress and anxiety.

College can be very stressful and sometimes a little bit of self-care is the way to go. Adding an oil to your everyday life can help enhance your performance to a better healthy life. Even though essential oils are “so great”, they can be dangerous. Make sure that you are following the guidelines that are on labels, for example closing essential oil bottles correctly or not adding oil directly to bathwater. There is so much more to learn about essential oils, go out there and find your scent. 

Article by Mireya Contreras